Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dandelion Break!

My friend Opus the Penguin (from the late, lamented comic strip Bloom County) is a wise bird. He is smart enough to know that sometimes, you just need to take a break.

We're at the point now, I believe.

Every time I turn on the news (TV, radio, online, tea leaves, whatever), the news is bad.

  • Swine flu of possibly pandemic porportions
  • Skyrocketing unemployment
  • Pay cut with furlough
  • Unstable towers of ungraded papers
  • High pollen count
  • Foreclosures
  • Grade deadlines
  • Desperate nuts with guns
  • Et freakin' cetera

I'm in danger of taking things too seriously. So I'm declaring a dandelion break. I'm searching for a patch of sunshine and some bright yellow flowers that don't know they're supposed to be weeds.

Care to join me? I'll move over a little.


FryDaddy said...

I'll join you anytime!

amnbdad said...

That's why things such as a 'Canes victory in the last few seconds of the game or a book you can't wait to figure out and mull over or even just a bright friendly smile are such great things. They help us to put all the negativity of the world on hold for a while. Enjoy your dandelion break Ms. Director and I'll pray the pollen doesn't devour you.

TriMomx3 said...

I'll bring Oreos and milk.

Beth said...

Now officially on break!

Mockingbird said...

Soon. Very soon. But for the next five days or so, it's "crazy time"! And then there's news galore to share! Dare I say, it's bigger than Whedon his own bad self!

Anonymous said...
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