Friday, February 12, 2010

Da Vinci Code

So Valentine's Day is upon us. Not my favorite of holidays, despite the fact that I'm blissfully happy with the "hearts&flowers&kissykiss" side of my life. I just don't care for the pressure, not to mention that I find red plushie teddy bears faintly off-putting. (Really, red? Find me that in nature. Even the salmon swimming mightily upstream would have to laugh at that particular sight.)

But we're doing something different here at the Casa de Bird. (At least, we are if the weather cooperates. There's a chance for just enough snow accumulation to cancel this plan, but let us not entertain that idea at the moment.) The High Museum in Atlanta has been home to an exhibit of the work of Leonardo Da Vinci for the last few months and four of us are car-pooling down tomorrow to prowl around the museum and marvel at the genius. Hopefully, we'll still have time to see a bit more of the museum, which has strong collections in both European and American art, as well as decorative art collections and contemporary works. (We'll need to pick and choose, I'm thinking.) Then it's a night on the town and a snooze in a comfy hotel (hey, they have a pillow menu! Oo-la-la!) before returning to the wilds of western NC.

Take that, Whitman Chocolates!