Sunday, October 11, 2015

A French Day

Any time you begin a huge shift in procedure and policy, you can expect that the path of progress won't be an unending march toward the light. When the "procedure and policy" basically involves a major reset of The Entire Way of Doing Things in your personal life, this is even more true. Sad, but it's a universal truth. Change requires challenge. And yes, I'd gotten off the French road a bit. Therefore, I took Sunday as a "reset day" to get me re-committed to these positive lifestyle changes. How did I get back on the horse?
The color really DOES wash out!
  • First, I decided I wanted to. If the changes are working, you ought to stick with them. These are working for me, but I wasn't working the changes.
  • Next, I decided on a "reset day." This was to be a day in which I really made a conscious, ongoing effort to live according to the principles that had been working for me.
  • I started by sleeping in. There's something deliciously French about one day a week when you don't have to set an alarm and can just snuggle under the covers with the one you've chosen to spend your life with.
  • Next was a day-old croissant from Dunkin' Donuts. Don't judge me - I live in a small town and croissants are hard to come by. I'd picked one up yesterday (along with an eclair!) prior to my 5K untimed Color Dash. (Note the new tutu - my original one became a nest for a family of wrens this summer and - well, there's just no coming back from that.) The eclair was eaten and the croissant was saved. I reheated it, sliced a perfectly ripe pear, added a dollop of actual butter and put the whole shebang on one of the good china plates. Then I poured a cup of hazelnut-flavored cafe au lait and added a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. By the way, at this point, I was still in my Turkish robe. 
  • After breakfast, I showered and took care to be nice to myself, even though I didn't really plan on going out and visiting with anyone. Good quality lotion, perfume, a touch of mascara and lipstick. Remember to brush the hair, even if it's just going into a ponytail. There, now. I feel better.
  • Got some fresh water and took a deep breath. Time to apply the KonMari Method to bookcases. This was harder than it was with clothes, but then again, I'm a bibliophile. Still, I tried to stay true to the core concept - don't concentrate on what you're discarding; instead, focus on what you truly want to keep. I lost count after my 70th book in the "go bless someone else" pile.
  • After a lovely lunch of homemade potato-onion-ham soup, fresh yogurt, and a juicy apple, I divided the books that were leaving the house into categories and then worked to reshelve what was staying. I then loaded up the car before I was tempted to change my mind.
  • I dug out my old bread machine (I'd already shopped for the ingredients) and started a loaf of French bread.
  • I finished grading a project for two of my classes. I took my time and read their responses carefully - they really are starting to get it, which feels great, although it's far more them feeling confident enough to get a little real than anything that I've done.
  • I made plans to meet a running friend for coffee - we didn't run today; I needed a day off after yesterday's Color Dash. I had a book that I needed to pass on to her and I'd left some things in her car yesterday, so a meet-up was a good idea. I touched up my lipstick and left the house. 
    Not beignets, but pretty good bread!
  • On the way to the coffee shop, I dropped off books at two Little Free Library sites. Another batch went to the "free books" shelf at the coffee shop.
  • I visited with my friend, enjoyed an afternoon pick-me-up of milky coffee and a freshly-made (and warm!) chocolate croissant.
  • Then it was back home. I walked the Spooky-dog in the blissfully welcome sunshine. It was a short walk, but that's all either of us needed today.
  • Just as we walked in the door, the bread machine started beeping. Although the crust could be darker, it seems to have created a decent French loaf.
  • A simple supper of fresh bread and a chef salad followed, along with a pear and yogurt for dessert. More water, this time seltzer with lemon.
  • Along with dinner, FryDaddy and I watched The Babadook for an upcoming podcast. Truly a scary, not-sure-what's-happening, the-human-psyche-is-whacked film. I completely loved it.
  • I ended the day with a soak in a warm tub with good soap and soft music. Another tumbler of water.
  • Then it was time to end the day, feeling accomplished, but not rushed and out of sorts, and behind.
And there you have it! A day with a balance of work, good food, exercise, water, and thoughtful activity. Now to string together several of them . . .