Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Endings & Beginnings

I'm back from my (much-needed) dandelion break - thanks for waiting for me.

I'm on the other side of the "crazy time" now. Classes have met for the final time, examinations have been given and scored, grades have been averaged and the results have been recorded. It's time to put a period at the end of this semester. Tonight is graduation at my college and my fancy-monkey regalia (complete with puffy hat) is quietly hanging in the closet, ready to make me dignified and 'spectable. (Well, as much as a hefty robe decorated with purple velvet panels edged in gold can accomplish that goal.)

In any event - whew!

In addition, the suite that houses my cubbyhole of an office is scheduled for demolition (crowbars, not explosives) on Thursday to make room for a long overdue remodel. (We get doors!) That means that everything has to be boxed and moved, but organized enough so I can still find everything necessary to teach my summer classes and continue to teach my high school class. (Side note: every tried to spark the interest of high school seniors in May? It taxes the imagination. I'm seriously considering puppets - it would at least keep me entertained!)

So there's been very little down time. I'm behind on everything - house cleaning, Dollhouse watching, garden-planting, etc., etc.

Why, I haven't even had time to tell you about my sparkly ring and the honorable FryDaddy's proposal. 'Strue. Mockingbird is otherwise engaged!

That'll make you willing to put up with quite a bit of end-of-semester nonsense, let me tell you!


Beth said...

Congratulations all around! What an eventful May!

amnbdad said...

Congratulations to use to utues, he was a very good angry man btw. Puppets could work for high schoolers, if they were of the Avenue Q persuasion. 'The internet is for...