Thursday, September 27, 2007

Loosening the Screws

Yeah, I know - the title could be read as somewhat risque, but how am I to blame for what goes on in the dark recesses of your mind?

At any rate, I'm taking a few days off. Really off. No Internet (although I bet I break down on that. Probably show up at the local library begging for access. I'm such an e-tramp - c'mon, baby, just one hit. Please, baby. Sigh.). But I'm trying for no e-mail chat, no peeking at comments, no checking electronic headlines or any of that other stuff. I'm wound way too tight and I'm getting out of Dodge before the fellows with the large butterfly nets start sashaying my way. It stands to reason - I haven't really slowed down since way before the book project was turned in. Although D*C was a fantastic whirligig of fun, it was still a whirligig.

Not even telling you where I'm going - I'm just going there. Calm blue ocean . . .calm blue ocean . . . calm blue ocean . . .

It's important to know when you've had enough. For me, the fact that I've started forgetting appointments and snapping at people for my own doofus-y actions is a big ol' celestial sign that Mockingbird needs to hunker down in a borrowed nest for a bit and let the winds of Fate howl outside without her intervention. I know (from painful personal experience) that when this happens, I can do one of two things. One: Obey the flashing neon lights and take a few days to regroup. Two: Ignore it, claiming that I'm just too gosh-darned important to take the necessary time to take care of myself. When I take that approach, my body tends to take more drastic action to get my attention, like straining a shoulder muscle or getting a bug that I just can't shake. Either way, I wind up slowing down, so I prefer to take the easier route that doesn't involve taking a breather due to physical harm. I've got new songs to listen to, old movies to watch, and a patch of sand with my name on it. (Well, not yet, but give me a day. I'll stake it out.)

Hey - it's cheaper than most other forms of therapy.

So, I'll be back soon. In the meantime, how do you know when you're close to the edge? And what do you do when you find yourself there?


amnbdad said...

I know I've been on the edge, once I've fallen over it. Yeah, I'm a little dense. Then to deal with it I claw and scratch and climb my way back to the edge. But it's not all my fault, I mean I live fairly close to the edge and sometimes if it's foggy or dark out I just stumble right on over. I think I should invest in some kind of reflectors, or garden lights. Maybe the kind you just stick in the ground, the less work involved the better. Enjoy you time away, or maybe I should say I hope you enjoyed your time away.

Shorewood High School Class of '76 said...

Man, you describe it so well, Mockingbird, esp. that business where pretty soon you end up at the chiropractors -- that's me -- although I rarely let it get that far any more.

I love your plan, and I love this reminder, too.

When you come back, tell us what movies you watched and stuff, okay?

Btw, saw 3:10 To Yuma in the theatre and it was a gas.

Have a wonderful time!


Mockingbird said...

I'm back!! C'mon, admit it - you missed me, didn't you?

Not much to report - a lot of sand between my toes, far too much junk food (although a hot-from-the-conveyor-belt Krispy Kreme is a treat worth having!), much silly television, and a sinful number of naps.

I have seldom made a bad situation worse by taking a nap.

Elizabeth said...

I missed you! But the situation you describe sounds all too familiar and may explain why I jammed my thumb into the steering wheel this morning and broke my nail. Oww. I should take a break, but instead I'm going to a conference, which could be breaky, but won't be. Sigh. Think of me.