Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ahoy, Me Hearties!

It's been an - interesting - week. "Interesting" is such a useful word, as it can convey so very many shades of meaning. In this case, the meaning is "weird, leaning toward the good, but with a lot of supremely curious 'huh-what?' stuff thrown in, along with a goodly dash of the sort of news that makes you despair about whether humans are useful additions to the ecosystem."

And all of that communicated with a single word. Isn't English an amazing language?

There's no need to go into gritty detail. It'll suffice to say that the last week has seen the 6th commemoration of the loss of our collective innocence; there were a few oddities at work; and the news had more than the usual amount of stories which dealt with humans being monstrous to the smaller and weaker among us. Adding to the bizarre, I actually got drawn into a conversation yesterday about the views of Karl Barth, which I was busily relating to elements of Doctor Who. (As Mal would say, "Still working the details.") Based on the available evidence, it seems abundantly safe to say that I could use a break from being a responsible grown-up. And I bet we could all benefit from such a break.

And just in time is today. September 19 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day! This site is chock-full of vocabulary tips and fashion advice. What? You say you fear your "pirate-speak" skills aren't up to public display? No fear, ye spineless bilge rat - if you're able to cut and paste this - - you'll be treated to a useful (and HI-larious!) language lesson! What? You expect me to know how to link that? Arrr - away wi' ye, scurvy dog! I got plunderin' on me mind; I've no time fer such t'ings!

Remember - to err is human, but to "arrr!" is Pirate!


Elizabeth said...

OK, I can't talk like a pirate, but I have found myself drawn into the new Who of late. For me, the Davies Doctors are to the 60s/70s Whos as the BtVS movie is the to the full-on Whedony goodness of the TV series.

And speaking of Karl Barth and the Doctor, you might be interested in this.

Stacked Librarian said...

Arr! Avast me hearty! Tis been a better day than me thought it would be.

Mockingbird said...

So glad your day got better! You're starting to worry me, isolated off in your office, surrounded by carts of books being used as bricks and mortar!

And Elizabeth - oh, what a Website!!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Tony Watkins & his superfriends are among my heroes.

Akin said...

Avast there, me proud beauty! Prepare ta be boarded!


Much fun did I have at work... me lieutenant, though properly warned he were, didna find it too amusing. A curse 'pon him! Many fine folk got in the spirit...