Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back and Ready to Rumble!

Well, not in any literal sense. I don't think I've actually "rumbled" in my life and I'm okay keeping it that way. But the feeling is there. I'm back from the quickie vacation, in which I spent far too much time watching old Doctor Who material and marveling at how far the BBC has come (and also marveling at the exaggerated use of the Delsarte technique in early 1960s television. Yes, that was meant to be snarky; it's my blog and I get to do that from time to time). There were also intensive seminars in Advanced Beach Walking and Active Napping 2.

But now I'm back and no longer looking to behave like a Dalek towards those unfortunate enough to be around me. In fact, I think I'm ready for the next few weeks.

Let's see . . . next week the Buffy class begins. The blog for that class is in existence and doing its stretches to be properly limbered up for students. Please check it out if you have a chance. It's basic at this point; I'd love comments.

Also, in slightly less than two weeks, I leave for Istanbul for the Buffy Hereafter conference to present on Whedon's futuristic Slayer, Melaka Fray. Just got the hotel sorted out - my reservation somehow got lost, but one of the conference organizers leapt in to save the day, even offering me the comfort of her home if it turned out there was no room at the inn. I think I'm going to like Turkey . . . a place where they may not know your name, but your fez is familiar. (Rimshot!)

And classes progress and Spooky's looking to lay in her winter supply of pig ears (it IS harvest time after all, although I've tried to explain that it's not really the same thing) and the community theatre group is involved in more projects than you could shake a stick at in the next four weeks. But, with the benefit of a few days away, it all looks like opportunities instead of chores and that's a pleasant change.

No update on the book yet. I'll let you know something when I know something. Which will (hopefully) be soon and optimistic!

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Stacked Librarian said...

Not only have I been a slack blogger, but also I slack blog reader. I hope you have a wonderful time in Turkey! My best piece of advice is don't buy a hookah/coffee maker combo, even if they say it also makes Julianne fries. :P