Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take a Day!

When I was just a half-fledged Mockingbird, I would occasionally get sick. Nothing bad - I was always pretty fortunate in that area, but sometimes I'd catch whatever strain of creeping crud was making its way around school. Not too often, but every now and again, it'd be bad enough to stay home and bedridden for a day instead of going to school. I liked school (still do, although I'm now on the other side of the desk), so I had to be pretty far under the weather to miss it. Also, my parents were very much in favor of their kids being in school as opposed to at home, so staying at home meant a fever or other such tangible evidence of physical ailments. Once I was better, my mother would send me back to school with a note explaining my absence.

I think I need a note today.

Not for sickness - I'm actually quite hale and hearty - but because sometimes you need a sick day. Let's call this one a mental health day - I can take a day off now before I get too scorched, or I can do it later in the form of my body calling a screeching halt to my running about with my hair on fire.

Oh, there's plenty to do. My house is cluttered and messy, crowded with unanswered mail and clumps of dog hair. Stacks of research material are piled both hither and yon. Thank-you notes need to be written and wedding announcements still need to be sent. Laundry is piled up, the recycling is threatening to overtake the carport and my kitchen floor is a disgrace to my upbringing.

And it'll all wait until tomorrow. If it doesn't, that means the house sprites have attended to it, which would be fine by me. But they're probably on vacation right now, so the mess will still be there. But by taking a day off from it all, I won't be crazy.

So I'm writing my own note today, temporarily excusing myself from adult 'spsponsibilities. The mess will get straightened, the checkbook will get balanced, notes will be written and so on. But today is glorious and hot outside and sometimes you need ice cream for lunch.

So go ahead - take a day! I'll write you a note.


Whedongeek said...

That was beautiful. Tell ya' what: I'll write YOU a note. Dear Housecleaning and Etiquette Police:
Please excuse Dale from her responsibilities today. She has had quite a bit on her plate of late, and, in the interest of her sanity and her fun-loving spirit, she needs a day off.
Thank you,
Alyson R. Buckman

Mockingbird said...

Good friends make things so much easier! Thanks, Prof. Dr. Buckman! Today is a new day, the dust bunnies beckon, and I feel as charitable towards them as Anya would!