Monday, May 3, 2010

News From Married Life!

Saturday's wedding went off with only one hitch (and that was the one that was supposed to be there, so that's fine!) and FryDaddy and I had a lovely night away before returning home to discover that one of our sneakier friends had let herself in to decorate our house for our return! Pictures from the wedding were already propped up on the counter, there was a lovely card and a plant (we'll try not to kill it, honest, Barefoot!), and chocolates had been artfully scattered throughout the bedroom. Very lovely and thoughtful and sweet. Not the kind of breaking-&-entering that makes me change the locks.

The wedding itself was just what we wanted. Tiny, intimate, and meaningful. The small church was adorned with gorgeous spring flowers that seemed to burst forth with joy. FryDaddy was a handsome cuss in his dark suit ("Non summer weight," as he sighed) and I had elected for shimmering turquoise and silver heels. My hair had grown long enough for an elegant "updo," thanks to a talented hairdresser, about a dozen pins, and enough product to make a polar bear weep. We came up the aisle together after our families had seated themselves (that followed a few minutes of milling about and self-introductions of nephews and in-laws) and when the time came to move up to the altar for our vows, I simply walked over to my young niece, handed her my white rose bouquet and asked her to "hold this for me, please." She seemed delighted to comply. The service included a "meditation," which I had been skeptical about (heels, remember?) but it was fantastic! The minister knew us both and tied in our chosen readings (Song of Solomon and I John), events in our own lives, and the origin behind such words as "anxiety" and "weird." I know it sounds a bit odd, but really - it wasn't. And it was very us.

As was the cake. As you can see, the topper was John Sheridan from Babylon 5 and my beloved Buffy, stretching out their hands to reach each other over the Hellmouth. I mean, bundt cake hole.

It's back to the work-a-day world with us today (with the promise of a long honeymoon at the end of July) and the weekend was so scrumptiously perfect that I think the end of the semester will be quite bearable!

Hey - married friends out there - is it true that wedding rings come with secret super-powers?

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