Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hey, Look Over There!

No, I'm not trying misdirection. Not now, anyway. Rather, I'm reminding you that I maintain a second blog. While the Nest is where I play, Unfettered Brilliance is a little more like where I work. That's a blog devoted to the work of Joss Whedon, who I study and write about. (And always remember, you can buy the book! Click here for details - they make GREAT presents for all occasions!)

That blog doesn't get updated as often as the Nest, but it's about to go into overdrive. Every two years, the Whedon Studies Association throws an international conference to bring together Whedon scholars and it's coming up in about ten days. Among those of us who study Whedon, this is a big deal. People come from all over and the press makes a bit of a fuss over us, although they often paint us as half-whacked. Well, any publicity is good publicity, right?

I, along with FryDaddy, who will be presenting at the conference on Buffy's leadership style and making some comments on its success (or lack thereof), will be leaving for sunny Florida to attend. Here's a draft of the conference program - you can see speakers are coming from near and far! I'm delighted to be one of the keynote speakers (and the only American; the other two are coming from the U.K.), but there is much work still to do on that.

So I'll keep this short and remind you to check out Unfettered Brilliance for updates!

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