Monday, March 9, 2009

Signs of Crispiness!

Certain things ought to be crisp. Snappy comebacks, breakfast cereal and, with a little creative spelling, Kremes. However, Mockingbird probably ought not to be so golden-brown around the edges of her temper.

Spring break is looming and, once lists of lists of things/errands/chores are tended to, it's off to the calm blue ocean for a few days which will (hopefully) be characterized by large amounts of sugared junk food (I gave up the scale for Lent, you see), and a total lack of binary code and things that go "ping!"

Aside from the calendar, how could I tell it was time to get out of Dodge for a bit? Well . . .

1. Turkey vultures (they're buzzards, all right? Large, hulking carrion birds looking for something stinky and dead) roosting in disturbingly large numbers in several trees in my neighborhood. Seriously, it's like I'm an extra in a National Geographic special about the Shelby-geti. Shudder.
2. Weather that whipsaws from eight inches of snow to eighty-two degrees in the space of a week. 'Taint natural.
3. Having a sinking feeling every time I look at the headlines. Every day, I'm expecting to read "Torrential Rain of Toads Soaks Town." It's bad out there, sure, but I still don't think the Apocalypse is coming to town. But lately, it's harder to remember that.
4. Being so focused on multi-tasking (remember the lists of lists I mentioned), that I managed to dribble both toothpaste froth and salad dressing on my clothes today. The only bright spot was that these were two separate incidents, rather than indicating that I was brushing my teeth while eating. (Although, given the way things have been lately, that's not as far-fetched as you might think, more's the pity.)
5. Feeling my own internal jack-in-the-box getting closer and closer to the "YAAAHH!" point.

So it's off to a porch swing, the new Christopher Moore book (a re-telling of King Lear in his own inimitable style), and an adjusted perspective.

Back soon.

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Beth said...

Yes, sometimes when we get too crisp it's Nature's way of telling us, "You're done!" I could use some time off myself, but will just have to make the most of weekends for now.