Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Night!

It's time for this Mockingbird to have a rest.  I've been occupied with (too) many projects lately and something's gotta give.  Don't misunderstand me; I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had come my way over the last year or so, but they're demanding a large share of my time and attention lately and I've been either neglecting this blog or posting here has seemed like a chore.  And that was never the reason I started it.

I'm weary of feeling like a Baked Bird, but no fear - I'm not going away for good.  I like writing this too much.  But I'm going to take some longer breaks between posts.  My goal right now is to cut my posting here down to twice a month rather than every week.  I'll see how that works and adjust accordingly.  It may be that, after a few months with a lighter schedule, I'm ready to come back more frequently; we'll just have to see about that.  So I should be back here just after FryDaddy and I return from Slayage 5 with a pocketful of tales to tell.

Meanwhile, I'm continuing to post twice a week over at Unfettered Brilliance - mid-week, the "Walter White Wednesday" post focuses on Breaking Bad  (Season 5 premieres on July 15!) and there's a weekend post that discusses movies - sometimes new releases, sometimes an old gem, sometimes something else entirely that just happened to catch my fancy.  Please join me over there.

And be kind to yourself this summer.

Back soon!

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