Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Spring & Breaks!

As of late, Dear Readers, I've had too much on my plate.  What's worse, I've been trying to spin those plates on tall sticks like those talented folks you sometimes see in the circus.  The main difference (aside from a distinct lack of sequins on my clothing) is that the circus folks know what they're doing and they don't add more plates to the act than they know they can actually spin.

Alas, I tend to learn my act in public.

Don't get me wrong - I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way in the last twelve months or so.  It's just that I'm experiencing the first warning signs of plate-dropping.  And I like to think that, over the last few years, I've learned to stop at that point and re-adjust rather than stubbornly soldiering on.  (Crazy, I know, but I used to think, "Well, that's okay!  If I work harder, I can keep the rest of them from dropping!  Hey, let me add another one over here!  Whoops!"  Did I mention crazy already?)

So this post is a few days late.  Trust me, it's better this way.

I have a few days off from school and I'm trying to be very strict with myself.  I've already said "no" to at least two get-togethers and I'm (trying to) only check work e-mail once a day.  (Shouldn't do it at all, but one class is an online and they don't have break, so there's my justification.)  I took the Spookster for a long walk in the sunshine today and am ignoring the dirty kitchen floor.  I have a couple of old movies that I plan to watch and some "non-work work" I plan to turn my hand to over the next few days.  There's a book on the nightstand and a kitten at my ankles.

Billy Joel had this one right.

See you soon.

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