Sunday, June 5, 2011

Welcome to Pip!

The Nest got a little bit bigger this week, as we adopted (or were adopted by, there's a bit of confusion on that point) a teensy grey ball of fluff. FryDaddy had been longing for a cat for quite a while and I certainly have no aversion to the felines of the world - in fact, my very first pet was a Siamese/alley mix named "Mishka" whom I loved as fiercely as any five-year-old has ever loved. We didn't know this one's name at first, which is okay as animals will tell you their name, if you're just patient for a bit. Turns out this little lady is Chiana, which just happens to also be the name of an exceptionally agile, acrobatic, grey-skinned thief in the TV show Farscape. Like that Chiana, this one is nicknamed "Pip."

Pip seems to be settling in nicely - she only arrived Friday night, and she's already had the indignity of her first vet visit. She's quite healthy, has had her first round of shots, and has figured out where her food and litter box are located. She's discovered that she can climb, so it's time to "kitty-proof" the house by putting up some of the breakables that I would both cry over and cause others to cry over should they be broken. Spooky is entranced by Pip and wants very much to lick her. Pip, on the other hand, is understandably cautious about this mountain of slobbery fur and is prone to hissing and lashing out with teensy claws when Spooky ventures too much into what Pip considers her space. I have high hopes that things will work themselves out over the next few days as the critters find boundaries and treaties are reached.

It's likely to be an interesting week, don't you think?

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