Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Slow Week

It's been a strange start to the spring semester. We had a snowstorm with a touch of ice come in right at the start of the semester and my little Southern town just isn't equipped. The plus side - the ice came late, so it didn't coat tree limbs, power lines, etc. and pull them down, causing massive power outages. (With the power on, snow events can be waited out much more comfortably!) The minus side - we lost the first three days of the semester as the snow froze into ice and attendance was low the rest of the week since the public schools continued to be closed and many students had child care issues.

Then this Thursday, the town experienced a massive power outage due, not to ice on power lines, but due to some quirk with an underground power line feeding a substation. My classroom is on the inner ring of one of our buildings, which means no windows. I got creative and both classes were at least able to finish their scheduled quiz, but we're even further behind right now.

On top of that, this past Monday was a holiday (and no, I'm not debating the value of observing MLK's birthday; this was just unfortunate timing this semester), so I have yet to meet with my Monday night class. Oh, and there's a threat of more "icy mix" moving in this week. So we're behind and, like Stella, I seem to have misplaced my groove, which I usually am in by the end of the second week of class.

So what's a girl to do?

Why, watch Bruce Campbell, of course! FryDaddy and I have joined Netflix to continue our "joint TV watching in separate cities" that began in the fall with our tearing through of the first 5 seasons of Supernatural and right now, My Name Is Bruce is awaiting our attention. In this film, residents of a small town being overrun by the undead mistake Campbell for his character Ash. Hilarity and the undead ensue. (Wonder if they think he still works at S-Mart?)

Add to that the fact that the graphic novelette Ash Saves Obama also rests on the coffee table just now and we're in for quite the Campbell weekend! The book, which I couldn't pass up, features Bruce Campbell's Ash discovering the dreaded Necronomicon at a comic-book convention (or, as the cover blurb puts it, the "Necrocomicon") at which the President of the United States is scheduled to appear. Hilarity and the undead ensue.

Sometimes you just have to appreciate the heightened level of absurdity in your daily life, don't you? Hmmm. Maybe I should add The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. to my queue . . .


Beth said...

Briscoe County, Jr is a boatload of silly fun. I highly recommend.

Mockingbird said...

It's in the queue! Turns out I really enjoyed MY NAME IS BRUCE - gotta love an actor who can poke such vicious fun at his own image. "Seriously - the next time you unleash an ancient demon, call that Buffy chick." Hee-hee!