Monday, September 6, 2010

White Shoe Alert!

Traditionally, today is the last day that it's okay to wear white dress shoes. The rules have been relaxed tremendously and that's a good thing! Still - there's something about white pumps that seems to belong to the hot summer months. Sort of like seersucker, which would really, really look out of place at a Christmas party. Or potato salad, which also would look out of place at a holiday shindig.

So it's time to begin thinking about the cooler weather that's ahead. Here in the Nest, the heat broke a few days ago and, while there's plenty of warm to go around, we're not sweltering in the high nineties at the moment. I'm not much of a hot-summer-month person, so saying "Buh-bye" to the heat waves doesn't spark a sense of sadness with me. I'm set for fall. Let's see if I can come up with five reasons to look forward to Life After Labor Day:

  • Corn mazes, complete with pumpkin trebuchets
  • Spiced apple cider
  • Candy corn
  • Pumpkin pie scented candles
  • Knowing that Halloween is coming soon

Yep. Count me as one of those who's ready to pack away the summer shoes! But let me just finish that potato salad before we call it "quits" on summer . . .


amnbsdad said...

And a big reason around here, football!

Librarian Who said...

Fall is my favorite time of year too. I love the smell of a crisp autumn day with wood smoke in the air, and leaves to scuffle through.
Would you be interested in going for a mountain drive one weekend to check out the foliage?

Mockingbird said...

Yes to football and yes to leaf drives!