Sunday, August 1, 2010

That Snapping Sound You Hear . . .

. . . is my spine unlocking.

Yes, the honeymoon is in full swing now, but today is one of those grey, rainy days at the beach that make a day of watching movies and eating copious amounts of junk food seem like a very, very good idea! And I discovered that I have the necessary Internet connection here to allow me to access this blog, so here I am, for at least a few minutes.

There's not much to report. (It is a honeymoon, after all. You're not pruient enough to care about the details, right? Right.) It's been a wonderful trip so far - lots of sunshine, sand, water and time to do as much or as little as we please.

In short, it's been heavenly!

Hope your week has gone well and signing off for now, but back soon.

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amnbsdad said...

Hey we just got home from Myrtle Beach, I thought I saw you once at Broadway but it wasn't you. I had to load the van in that deluge this morning, my clothes were still wet when we got home. I'm glad you guys are having such a great honeymoon, you two deserve it.