Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Licensed to Wed!

April came in with a heat wave - temps are breaking records around here, sticky pollen is turning everything a less-than-charming shade of yellow, the mutts are shedding to the point that sweeping seems pointless, and - oh yeah - we got the wedding license! Only took two trips, too.

First things first. As much as I've been trying to enjoy the warm, sunshiny weather, I'm breaking down and shutting the windows to crank up the AC. Truly one invention that makes living in the South a bit more bearable, although it's also damaged our molasses-slow pace of going about life. (Seriously - in late summer, it's just too bloomin' hot to rush! Better to sit still and take all day to make really good sun tea and comment on your neighbors' grilling ability.)

Pollen. Yuck. Nuff said.

License. Yay! A painless process and we have a lovely, embossed-with-gold-seal-and-in-no-way-official version that, yes, is suitable for framing. There are still details to finalize (of course), but nothing that is all that crucial. We've got the church, the pastor (who's been wonderful about viewing some of the craziness with a world-weary smile - I bet he's seen just about everything), our families will surround us on that day, and we've got each other, although we still occasionally wonder just how that happened. Without getting into too much gritty detail, suffice it to say that planets had to align and lessons had to be learned, some of which were very bittersweet.

But here is where we are. And this is who we are here with.

Sort of makes the dress and the shoes unimportant.

But I sure hope the AC is the church is working that day!


FryDaddy said...

Nowhere else I'd rather be, and no one else I'd rather be here with.

amnbsdad said...

I'm so happy for you guys, you seem perfectly suited for one another.