Monday, March 1, 2010

Falling Down & Picking Up

Hmmm - I've often said that February seems like the longest of months, rather than the shortest. In my corner of the world, it tends to be cold and grey and windy, without even the benefit of snow to make things pretty and contain the potential of a snow day. (And listen to me well on this one, children. No one ever outgrows the little thrill of excitement that comes with a snow day! It may be tempered a bit as you grow older, but oh, it's still there!)

And this February was a bit of a downer for other reasons - natural disasters abounded, the High Museum trip didn't happen (due to - ready for this - snow. See? Sometimes snow days aren't all that great), work piled up in great looming towers, and so forth and so on. Really, it wasn't that bad a time in the Nest - cross reference with things like tsunamis and earthquakes for a sense of proportion - but it was February.

Aha! But now it's March. And while bad weather may still threaten (maybe tomorrow, actually) and while work may be filled with more chores than joys at the moment, etc. etc., there are daffodils almost blooming in the front yard and a St. Patrick's Day flag flapping merrily outside. And while I fell down a bit on keeping up with this blog, I'm now trying to lurch back to my feet.

I think I need a kite. And to carve out some time to fly it.

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