Sunday, November 22, 2009

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come . . .

I always liked that song.

I really like the holiday of Thanksgiving. I know that there are some who dislike the holiday for the very legitimate reason of "well, it didn't turn out so well for the Indians, now, did it?" But I like Thanksgiving. So - a list of Things Mockingbird Is Thankful For.

1. Green bean casserole. Just about the only way I like cream of mushroom soup.
2. Hand turkeys. Sure, you may know how to make one, but try switching hands.
3. Pie. Pecan, pumpkin, Kentucky Derby, apple - you name it. Pie is good.
4. Canned cranberry sauce. While I don't eat it, any food that is considered complete when it has the exact shape of the can it comes in - well, that's a marvel.
5. Family. Be it blood or chosen, whether you get along like the John Walton family or the Homer Simpson family, it's a good thing to have.

There's plenty more, but it'll save. What about you? What's Turkey Day like in your household? Is it all about the Black Friday sales or is it about the homemade dressing? Or the football? Or the board games?

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