Monday, December 29, 2008

Clean Sweep!

I don't know about you, but I still have Christmas decorations up. Far from being proof of my tendencies toward laziness, I've held an Epiphany party in early January for the last few years, which provides a legitimate reason to leave my ever-so-slightly tacky tree and porch lights up a little longer.

But Christmas is over and New Year's is a-coming. One of my favorite New Year's traditions is the hanging of a broom on the front door. The idea is to provide a physical reminder of the "sweeping away" of the old year. However, I don't do the black-eyed peas and collard greens thing. I'm Southern; I don't need to prove it. Pass the sweet tea and hush puppies, y'all!

At any rate, it's a good time to look back over the year and I must say, there's more on the "good" side of the scale than on the "not so good" side. I had the thrill of being published. I was a "roving chair" (I still prefer the term "ottoman"!) for the third biennial Slayage conference. I grew tomatoes and basil. Hey, I even started a Facebook page and reconnected with friends from decades ago!

Life is good. Really. I just need to remember that a little more often.

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Lloyd said...

Let us hope that the blessings continue in the new year .... and that we are wise enough to recognize them as blessings, even when they are painful.