Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Red Carpets and Sharpie Pens!

It's done! Yes, folks - the book is finally, officially "launched." Last night, the college hosted a reading and reception for the book, which is something I've never been a part of before. There had been a bit in the local paper and an interview on the local news channel. There were posters and announcements. And it all came together last night.

Okay, there wasn't really a red carpet - but there was nearly everything else.

It was sort of like playing at being a rock star for a couple of hours. Well, a hyper-literate rock star, anyway. People are glad to see you and listen with thoughtful looks on their faces to what you have to say. Students actually take notes. The audience asks questions and listens to the answers. Later, they stand around eating little nibbly-thingies, discussing ideas that they got from your presentation and (biggest of wows!) they stand in line to talk to you for a minute or two. You smile and ask how to spell their names and brandish a Sharpie pen, sort of wondering how you got here, but liking it an awful lot. And even though you know it's not exactly "real life" and that tomorrow, you'll be back to your work-a-day life, by golly, you're determined to enjoy it at the time!

Highlights included: my parents making the trek down here and being a part of the celebration; the badge one of my friends made for me with the book's cover on it and "Author" printed on it; the representative of the Charlotte Browncoats who not only came for the presentation but was wildly promoting the upcoming "Can't Stop the Serenity" event; and students saying to me, "You know, I sort of liked it." Students don't say that if they don't mean it; they just slip out and leave.

I think that's worth a night off, don't you?


amnbdad said...

Yeah, I thought it all went smashingly well. Rainey and I had a wonderful time. Thank you for writing this book and for having a book launch you don't know how much I needed some hanging with friends time. Especially friends that don't look at you weird when you start discussing the finer points of Firefly and who occasionally break into song. It was an A+ evening.

Elizabeth said...


Caitlin said...

AArruuugggaaa! (the official techie call of Hollins COLLEGE) I was so excited to see that it is finally available on Amazon!! Congrats! Now how do I get signed copies for friends - no really!

Adventuress said...

Caitlin: I haven't heard the call of the wild light-board minion in a number of years! Wow. Now I need to find a green pitcher . . .

As to the signed copies (blush), let's talk. The easiest way is probably for me to buy them, sign them (tell me what you want) and ship them along with a receipt and you pay me back. Wish I could do it for free, but the house needs new windows!