Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Callooh, Callay!

While I don't think I've actually slain the Jabberwock, it may at least have been the Jubjub bird. So please - join me in a moment of well-deserved celebration. The book-beast has been delivered unto the publisher, properly updated and indexed (which is sort of the publishing equivalent of the twelve-pointer being trussed and wrestled into the bed of the pickup). Yep, the final edits in manuscript form are done and everything is indexed and even (mostly) cross-referenced. Never having put together that sort of index before, I can tell you with confident authority that the alphabet is harder than you might think it is.

But it's done. Sent by me and received by the publisher, so now it's a waiting game. I won't actually believe it until I hold the final product, bound in a shiny cover (and yes, I've seen the cover art. Squeee! I'll say no more), but it seems I'm an author now. How can I work that onto my business cards? I don't want to give up "Notorious Adventuress" but perhaps something will suggest itself. Maybe "Loquacious Wordsmith."

Hmmm. Maybe not. Well, I'm open to suggestions.

I appreciate that not many people in the world give a rip about this project - it's hardly likely to be a best-seller or a "beach read," but by golly, I'm pretty proud of my baby. And if you're going to be so much of a sheep as to live by the standards and opinions of the rest of the world instead of trusting your own lights, well, they might as well make a sweater out of you.

Yeah, I know. Easy to say, hard to do. Still, at least for the moment - Callooh, Callay!!!


Akin said...


amnbdad said...

Bravo! Excellent!
I heard a song the other day that said sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell. I'm not sure that's relevant, but there it is. And on a side note my son was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday and I was all - look - it's Dr. Who.

Elizabeth said...

Chortling with you in your joy! I look forward to reading the complete text!

Mockingbird said...

OK - bonus points for proper use of the word "chortling." English professors have an edge! And amnbdad, wasn't it strange seeing our beloved Doctor all crazy and psychotic? Hmmm - isn't it time for new episodes? I mean, now that I have time to watch them?

Stacked Librarian said...

"We eat today! With cabbages and kings!" Well, at least with a king. Not too sure about the cabbage part. I am so happy for you, and the book is already on order for the library. What an exciting, squee filled moment that will be when it arrives! I'm proud of you girl!