Friday, June 29, 2007


Say it along with me, brothers and sisters: "WOO-HOO!"

(Scornful look) Well, that was just pathetic. Not even sorry - just pathetic. You're telling me that's the best you can do? How do you expect anyone to hear you with that sort of limp, half-hearted "woohoo" - a statement of exuberance that should be made with exclamation points, rather than measly question marks??

For you see, brothers and sisters, the last chapter is done! Well - okay. It's not so much "finished" as it is "drafted" but from where I sit, that is certainly an event worthy of a "WOO-HOO!" So give it another try, please. From the diaphragm this time.

Much better.

Now, there's much work to do in the next two months. Everything has to be edited and stitched together and my MLA citation knowledge is, well - "lacking" would be a polite term. But I have help lined up with that and fortunately, everything (with the exceptions of this chapter and the conclusion) has gone through the editing mill twice, so hopefully, putting the final draft together won't be something out of Dante. This project has just been such a huge part of my life for the last eighteen months and now it's a big ol' step closer to completion. I think I'm entitled to a few moments of "gee willikers, I wrote a book that they want to publish" to offset the sheer bloody terror of how the whole thing will be received by fans and scholars alike.

But that's for later. If you'll pardon me, I have to dance around my living room. I may not even draw the blinds first, I'm that giddy.


Stacked Librarian said...

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I think you should dance around everywhere in celebration.

Akin said...

*grabs Dale and swings her around and around*


Mockingbird said...

Thanks! I'm spending today basking in the joy of just having that much of the task done. I pick up the pen (it's mightier than the sword, after all) tomorrow.

amnbdad said...

Congratulations Dale! I'm excited for you. And though I'm not much of a Wheldon fan, I can't wait to read your work for I'm sure you've infused it with your wit and charm.

Mockingbird said...

Amnbdad: Like peace, just give Whedon a chance! And thanks for the kind words!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I still owe you some comments. And a blurb! I'm a sad excuse for a friend. But I have NOT forgotten! Congratulations!