Sunday, April 22, 2007

Up and Running!

I thought about including my two cents' worth on the tragic events at Virginia Tech, but have elected not to chime in much on that. I went to college in Roanoke, which is fairly close by to Blacksburg, and the thought of that lovely, soft and green part of the country being so shattered by hatred, violence and terror just sickens me. Suffice it to say that I grieve and that I have hope that something good and useful will arise from this, although I'd be hard-pressed to identiy what it could possibly be. But I must believe that there is more good in this world than there is evil (I believe in both, mind you) and that good wins. Always.

The show I've been working so long and hard on is open now. My actors are zipping along with chunks of hard dialogue falling trippingly from the tongue and my backstage crew could show Hercules a thing or two about accomplishing nearly impossible tasks. Seriously - the show has a good number of very quick costume changes and if you have lazy, sloppy dressers, everything falls apart. Humor doesn't wait for zippers! I have to admit that, on Friday night, I was too nervous to take my seat in the house; I had to pace in the light booth. But last night I sat with the audience and watched them enjoy the show and (I must say) I laughed a few times as well, and I knew the jokes were coming!

It's good when hard work has tangible payoffs.

There's much more to talk about, but I need coffee and Spooky is utilizing her telepathic abilities to inform me that it's far past time for her walk. Then Ping and I need to plan our upcoming assault on Mount Mitchell, the highest American peak east of the Mississippi. So, as you can see, it's a busy day.

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